West End Electric Company, Inc.
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Residential Services


New Construction
From additions to new single & multi-family dwellings you're having built,  we're experts in designing and installing the entire Electrical Systems to meet your needs.


Faulty Electrical Systems are dangerous.  We can repair and replace devices,  lighting fixtures,  and Electrical Panels and equipment.  In addition,  we can troubleshoot your wiring system,  and locate the problems in your Electrical System.

Power Upgrade

If your single or multi-family dwellings are still operating with old fuses,  or circuit breakers that keep tripping,  we can upgrade your Electrical System with new circuit breaker panels and overload corrections.

Installation of Electrical Equipment

We can install everything from ceiling fans to attic fans,  from recessed lighting to chandeliers,  and battery powered emergency lighting to emergency power generators.

Emergency Services

In the event that your Electrical equipment needs servicing or repairs,  we offer emergency services around the clock.

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